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Goldfish offer the opportunity to enroll in our generous Affiliate Programme.

With the Affiliate Programme, we will pay you for customers that you refer to us. What's more, we won't simply pay you a one off fee; as many others do.

We will pay you a share of the revenue from every customer you refer to us for the lifetime of that customer.

Right now, we're offering our affiliates 10% of the revenue received from any customer that they refer to us.

That's 10% of all revenues that we receive from any customer that you refer to us through the affiliate programme for as long as that customer is with us.

Click on 'sign up now' to register your details with us and get started.

Terms of Service

1. We will only accept invoices for out payment where the frequency of invoices is quarterly or greater. For illustration purposes, if you were to issue an invoice on the 1st of March, then we would not accept another invoice until the 1st of June.

2. Invoices issued by you can cover any period for which revenues have accrued with the exception of point 3.

3. Invoices for revenue not invoiced for over 18 months will be rejected and any payments due will expire.

4. Revenue share will only be available for paid invoices, debtor accounts and fraudulent activity will not have revenue share paid out and any future out payments may be adjusted downward to reflect chargebacks from customer credit cards, direct debit guarantee chargebacks or other loss of already paid revenue share.

5. There can only be one level of revenue i.e. if people you refer subsequently set themselves up as affiliates and refer their own customers, then they receive the revenue for their affiliated direct. We will not make out payments for referrals who refer business to us.

6. We will only assign an account to one affiliate. In the event that more than one affiliate has referred a customer to us, only the first will be credited with that referral's revenue. In the event that a customer has previously visited us directly, no affiliate will be credited.

7. The minimum amount that we will accept in invoice for is €50.

8. Revenue share is not paid on hardware orders.

9. Our terms are subject to revision at any point and are in addition to any general terms of use for

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